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Talk Titles
Bone Marrow Adiposity
  • Bone as an endocrine organ
  • Clinical implications of bone marrow adiposity
Secondary Osteoporosis
  • Fractures and altered bone metabolism in diabetes
  • Obesity and fractures
Nutritional Aspects of Metabolic Bone Diseases
  • Nutrition and Metabolic Bone Diseases Comparative analysis of nutritional guidelines for Vit D
  • Nutrition and Metabolic Bone Diseases Global dietary calcium intake in adults - International Osteoporosis Foundation
Parathyroid Disease
  • Hyperparathyroidism: diagnosis and therapy
  • Hypoparathyroidism diagnosis and therapy
Bone Disorders During Growth and Development
  • X linked hypophosphatemic rickets
  • Fetal and pediatric origins of osteoporosis
Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
  • Longterm management of osteoporosis: combination, sequential and drug holidays
  • Fracture assessment worldwide
  • Complications of antiresorptive therapies
Diabetes / Metabolism / Obesity
Talk Titles
TB and Diabetes
  • Underlying mechanisms
  • How strong are the epidemiological data?
  • Challenges in management
Reversal of Diabetes
  • Metabolic surgery
  • Calorie restricted diets
New technologies in diabetes
  • The artificial pancreas – is the loop closed?
  • Continuous glucose monitoring in managing type 2 diabetes
Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHAD)
  • Epigenetics in Diabetes prediction and prevention
  • Early insults and diabetes
  • Implications for DOHAD in Africa
Spectrum of Insulin Action
  • Insulin signalling in obesity and type 2 diabetes
  • The role of insulin signalling in the GUT and brain
  • Insulin action and high fat diets
Novel Approaches to Diabetes Therapies
  • Chronobiology of diabetes and obesity
  • Harnessing gut-pancreas interactions
  • Polyagonists for obesity and diabetes
Diabetes and Hypoglycaemia
  • Brain and hypoglyacemia
  • Hypoglycaemia in type 2 diabetes
Body Fat – what matters?
  • Genetics of obesity
  • Brown fat function and therapeutic potential
  • FSH regulation of body fat
Complications of Diabetes
  • microRNAs and vascular complications
  • Treating diabetic osteopathy
  • Emerging diagnostic tools for peripheral neuropathy
Mapping the Diabetes Pandemic
  • Physical activity as a risk factor
  • Global estimates of diabetes prevalence
  • Socio-economic factors
HIV, Diabetes and Inflammaging
  • Mechanisms of inflammaging in HIV
  • HIV infection and cardiovascular risk
  • Association between HIV and diabetes
Endocrinopathies and Fasting
  • Metabolic consequencese of prolonged fasting
  • Impact of fasting on management of other endocrine replacement therapies
  • Managing diabetes during religious fasting
The Growing Burden of Diabetes - an African Perspective
  • Insights from African migrant studies
  • The interface between genes and environment
  • Insights from African Studies
Gestational Diabetes
  • Maternal hyperglycaemia and offspring metabolic dysfunction
  • Diagnosis – why the controversy?
  • Predictors of long-term diabetes in the mother
Obesity - from Genes to Adulthood
  • Healthy obesity – fact or fiction
  • Appetite regulation and treatment of Type 2 diabetes and obesity
  • Childhood obesity
Type 1 diabetes/Diabetes
  • Beta-cell transplants for type 1 diabetes – are we there yet?
  • C-peptide measurement : useful or not?
  • C-peptide measurement : useful or not?
  • Can we prevent type 1 diabetes?
Therapeutic controversies in Type 2 diabetes
  • What next after metformin?
  • SGLT2 inhibitors – why the hype?
  • Should insulin be used early in managing patients with Type 2 DM?
The GUT Microbiome and Metabolism
  • Promoting Metabolic Health – Microbiome Based Strategies
  • The microbiome-GUT-Brain Axis
  • GUT microbiome associations in the pathophysiology of metabolic disease
Postmenopausal Osteoporosis
  • Fracture assessment worldwide
Female Reproduction
Talk Titles
Hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
  • Hypogonadism and prolactin
  • Genetic basis of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism
Premature Ovarian Failure
  • Novel therapeutic approaches to premature ovarian failure
  • Human mutations causing premature ovarian failure
  • Animal models of premature ovarian failure
Female Infertility update
  • "UPDATE PROGRAM and TITLE: Cryopreservation for infertility treatment"
  • AMH in prediction of ovarian failure
  • Fertility management in cancer patients
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Pathogenesis
  • Genotypes in polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Adipocytes in polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Phenotypes in polycystic ovarian syndrome
International guidelines for polycystic ovarian syndrome: Diagnosis and Medical Treatment
  • AMH, androgens and ultrasound
  • Medical treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Paediatric issues in diagnosis
Disorders of sexual development
  • Pubertal development disorders
  • Disorders of sexual development
Global family Planning
  • Why family planning is important to women’s health and to socio-economic development.
  • Moving forward to achieve sustainable development goals: How do we secure adequate research and programme investment for family planning?
  • Contraceptive choices for women in Africa and developing countries: where are the gaps and what are the challenges?
  • Update on Menopause physiology and treatment
  • Androgen therapy for women:Endocrine Society Guidelines
  • Keeping women's bones too strong to break
GH/IGF-I/Growth Factors
Talk Titles
Childhood growth disorders
  • Biological growth determinants
  • Genomics of IGF-1 deficiency
  • Imprinted disorders and growth
  • Biological growth determinants
  • Clinical utility of IGF-I measurements
Growth Hormones and IGF-1 Action
  • IGF-1 and cell differentiation
  • Is GH replacement safe for adult patients?
  • Growth hormone signalling pathways
Non-classical GH actions
  • Somatotrophic axis and aging
  • Does GH cause cancer?
HPA AXIS/Adrenal
Genetics Of Primary Aldosteronism
  • Adrenal Aging, Somatic Gene Mutations and Primary Aldosteronism
  • Genetic causes of primary aldosteronism
Emerging Trends In Cardiovascular Diseases
  • How to improve the beneficial effects of RAS blockade: angiotensinogen siRNA or a combination with neprilysin inhibition?
  • Unravelling the secrets of angiotensin AT2-receptor signalling
  • Mas and ETB receptors: a new partnership in health and cardiovascular disease
Clinical Approaches Of Primary Aldosteronism
  • Current management of primary aldosteronism
  • The link between primary aldosteronism and sleep apnoea
  • Diagnosis of primary aldosteronism
Genetics Of Adrenal Cortical Disease
  • Genetics of primary macronodular adrenal hyperplasia
  • Genetics of adrenocortical cancer
  • Genetics of childhood Cushing's syndrome
Pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma Syndromes
  • Genomics of Pheochromocytoma/ Paraganglioma Tumorigenesis
  • New imaging and Therapies for Pheochromocytoma/Paraganglioma
  • Diagnosis and perioperative care
Adrenal Insufficiency Getting It Right
  • Spectrum of adrenal failure in Africa
  • Adrenal Crisis: prevention and management
  • Emerging therapies for adrenal insufficiency
Adrenal Steroids: New Steroids, New Functions, New Therapies
  • Novel steroid androgen/precursor steroids and implications
  • Urine steroid metabolomics in the diagnosis of adrenocortical disease
  • Ad4BP/SF-1 more than a regulator of adrenal steroids
Identification Of Lateralized Aldosterone Production?
  • Is AVS useful to identify lateralizing aldosterone excess?
  • New tools: plasma steroid metabolome during adrenal vein sampling
Talk Titles
Autocrine/paracrine regulation of adrenal steroidogenesis
  • Mechanisms of ectopic hormone receptors in adrenal tumors/hyperplasia
  • Regulation of cortisol secretion in macronodular adrenal hyperplasia
  • Macronodular adrenal hyperplasia: new cellular tools
Adrenal Incidentaloma with Mild Cortisol Excess
  • Clinical impact of mild cortisol excess
  • Therapy of mild cortisol excess
  • Japan guidelines of subclinical Cushing's syndrome
CAH update from around the Globe
  • 11beta-hydroxylase deficiency
  • 3beta Hydroxysteroid deficiency
  • 21-hydroxylase deficiency
Male Reproduction
Talk Titles
Transgender Symposium
  • Female to Male
  • Male to Female
Androgen replacement in aging men
  • Testosterone treatment of late onset hypogonadism
  • Testosterone, obesity and diabetes
  • Total or free testosterone in diagnosis of male hypogonadism?
The never-ending story of male contraception
  • Animal models for male contraception
  • Reversable inhibition of sperm under guidance
  • Male hormonal contraception; where are we now?
  • Central control of spermatogenesis
  • Spermatogenesis without testosterone?
  • Spermatogenic stem cells
  • Epigenetics and spermatogenesis
Anabolic steroid abuse
  • Misuse and abuse of androgens
  • Analytic approaches for human sport drug testing
Talk Titles
Elusive FSH - more than a simple gonadotropin
  • Evolution of FSH action
  • Extra-gonadal FSH actions of FSH
  • FSH polymorphisms and microheterogeneity: are they clinically important
Kisspeptin and Neurokinin: from bench to bedside
  • Neurokinin and hot flushes
  • Kisspeptin regulation and neuronal activity
  • Novel pathways connecting metabolism to reproduction
Hypothalamic neuron function
  • Hypothalamic neurons derived from pleuripotent stem cells
  • Regulation of KNDy neurons in generation of GnRH pulses
  • Hyperprolactinemia and ovarian function
Appetite Control
  • Novel drugs for weight control
  • Animal models for neuroendocrine appetite control
  • Appetite control
Prolactin and Oxytocin
  • Vascular Effects of the Prolactin/Vasoinhibin Axis: Pathophysiological Implications
  • Conditional knockout of Prolactin receptors alters specific behaviours
  • Oxytocin the love hormone
Endocrinology of African Wildlife
  • Reproductive competence in captive white rhino: impact of phytoestrogens
  • Hormonal immunization for elephant contraception
  • Fecal steroid hormones in monitoring wildlife stress and reproduction
  • Monitoring steroid hormone secretion in elephant seal single whiskers
Talk Titles
Managing multiple endocrine tumor syndromes
  • The changing clinical picture of MEN2
  • Screening for MEN1 manifestations
Endocrine aspects of prostate cancer
  • Advances in understanding prostate carcinoma
Cushing Syndrome
  • New treatments for Cushing Disease
  • Persistent morbidity and increased mortality despite remission of Cushing Disease
  • Effects of Cushing's syndrome on the central nervous system
  • Should we measure GH and/or IGF-I for diagnosis and follow up?
  • How do they grow so tall? Genetics of Gigantism
  • Bone, lung and heart: targets for excess GH morbidity
  • Management of prolactinomas in pregnancy
  • Prolactinomas in children and adolescents
  • Multimodal therapies for giant prolactinomas
Endocrine Care for Pituitary surgery
  • Quality of life after pituitary surgery
  • Pre- and post-operative endocrine evaluation
  • Anesthestic challenges for pituitary surgery
Pituitary Genetics
  • Pathogenesis of Craniopharyngioma
  • Genetics of pituitary development: animal and human models
  • Genetics of pituitary failure
Pituitary Function
  • Peri-operative pituitary functional imaging
  • Receptor-targeted therapy
  • How to replace pituitary hormones
The Pituitary Mass
  • Pituitary cell cycle control
  • Medical management of non-secreting pituitary adenomas
  • Differential diagnosis of the pituitary mass
Signalling And Receptors
Talk Titles
Signaling from internalized GPCRs
  • Tracking GPCR signaling inside the cell
  • Holding hands – GPCRs, beta-arrestin and G proteins
  • Endosomal signalling from the Ca2+-sensing receptor: clinical implications
Rescuing function in human mutant GPCRs: Pharmacological chaperones as new therapeutics
  • Pharmacological chaperones in restoring function to the Ca2+ sensing receptor
  • Pharmacological chaperones in restoring function to the Ca2+ sensing receptor
  • Pharmacological chaperones for melanocortin MC4R-linked early onset severe obesity
  • Rescuing function of inactivating mutations in human luteinizing hormone receptors
New arena of metabolism - GPCRs in the gastrointestinal tract
  • The bile acid receptor TGR5 at the interface of metabolism and inflammation
  • Taste receptors in the gastrointestinal tract
AMPK: conductor of the metabolic orchestra
  • Biochemistry and Biology of AMP kinases
  • AMPK: guardian of metabolism and mitochondrial homeostasis
  • Hypothalamic AMPK - The golden target against obesity
Personalized medicine – pharmacogenetics
  • Pharmacogenetics of Metformin
  • Personalized pharmacogenomics profiling - how close are we to incorporating it into clinical practice?
Endocrine aspects of prostate cancer
  • Endocrine aspects of prostate cancer: pathogenesis and treatment
Talk Titles
Subclinical thyroid disorders
  • Subclinical Hyperthyroidism: impact on health
  • Subclinical Hypothyroidism: impact on health
  • Subclinical thyroid disease and pregnancy outcomes
Thyroid nodules
  • Follow up of thyroid nodules: how much and how long
  • When to biopsy a thyroid nodule: comparison of guidelines
  • Beyond cytology: role of molecular testing
Grave’s disease
  • Long-term anti-thyroid drug therapy
  • New therapies for Grave's orbitopathy
Paediatric thyroid disorders
  • Congenital Central Hypothyroidism: Causes and Long-term Outcome
  • Pediatric Graves' disease: how to treat
  • Pediatric Nodular thyroid disease
From Bench to Bedside: Thyroid Hormone Treatment of Hypothyroidism
  • Genetics of Thyroid Function
  • Individualizing therapy for hypothyroidism: is there a role for T4/T3 therapy?
Thyroid Disease and Pregnancy
  • Graves' Disease in pregnancy: optimizing outcomes
  • Screening for thyroid disease during pregnancy: worldwide perspectives
Iodine and thyroid health
  • Iodinization in Tanzania
  • Iodine thyroid blocking after nuclear accidents: lessons learned
  • "Challenges of iodine supplementation: a public health perspective"
Thyroid cancer
  • The epidemic of thyroid cancer: overdiagnosis?
  • Molecular markers in thyroid cancer pathogenesis
  • Management of low risk thyroid cancer
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